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Do your mixes require eggs?
No, you can choose to use our vegan friendly recipe.  

Are your products Vegan?
Our products are vegan friendly but are made in a facility that also deals with products that are not vegan. 

Are your products nut free?
We do not have any nuts in our ingredients, however the facility does handle nuts with rigorous cleaning and testing in place.  

 Are your products non-GMO? 
Yes, we are Non-GMO Project verified.

Are your products gluten free?
Yes, our products are gluten free certified.  

Do your mixes contain dyes or preservatives?
No we do not use any preservative or dyes.

What if I don't have oil for my waffle + pancake mix?
You can use melted butter or melted plant based butter instead of oil.

What consistency should my Waffle + Pancake batter be? 
What the Flour products create a slightly thicker batter than traditional Waffle + Pancake mixes. If you would like a thinner pancake feel free to add a splash more milk.

How do I measure the flour blend and waffle + pancake mix?
We recommend scooping flour into measuring cup with a spoon and then leveling it off. Avoid scooping with your measuring cup as it can pack the flour down and alter your final product.

Do I have to use milk or soy milk?
Feel free to use your milk of choice, these are just our favourites.

Do you offer local pickup?
Not currently, but look up our stockists to see where you can buy today!