What The Flour - Creating Gluten Free Favourites The Whole Family Can Enjoy


To help you and your family enjoy the simple (
gluten free) pleasures in life.

Hi everyone! My name is Danielle and I am a mom of three. When we learned that my son had multiple food sensitivities (gluten, egg, oats, dairy, nuts and rice to name a few) I was desperate to find alternatives. I tried every gluten free flour I could find but finding ones without the ingredients he was sensitive too proved to be extremely difficult. Even more of a struggle was that the flours often did not perform well and so many recipes were a flop. I began making my own flour blends.  

Our Family loves 's and 's and they are a staple in our home. When my son got his test results back highlighting his many sensitivities, I was very overwhelmed. He was unable to have most gluten free blends on the market, and that is when I new I had to find an alternative.

I wanted to have quick delicious options available that our whole family could enjoy. After many heated moments in the kitchen dealing with failed blends and recipes, I crafted my perfect blend. That is when What the Flour was born. I hope I can save you from the same frustrations and make your life just a little easier by providing a super delicious and healthy alternative. Weather you are gluten free or not I know you will enjoy What the Flour!