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Stacked! Pancake + Waffle Mix

Mix. Stack. Inhale.

There might be a valid debate for what goes best on a pancake or waffle, but whether you’re in the fruit, syrup, or whippy cream camp, no one can deny that pancakes are meant to be light and fluffy, and waffles, golden and crunchy. WTF Waffle + Pancake Mix delivers.

Each bag makes 5-10 pancakes/waffles, so for a family of four that’s about one magical mornings filled with flip-worthy bliss.

Seasonal! Pumpkin Muffin Mix

Mix. Bake. Hoover.

In the fall, we like to celebrate the power of the pumpkin. It seems to ingratiate its way into almost everything (along with some random pairings), but no one can deny the legitimacy of a pumpkin muffin; the correct application for this versatile vegetable.

Each bag makes 14 full-sized muffins. So grab a cozy blanket, make a mug of hot cocoa, and snack on these hooverable pumpkin-infused muffins.

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Natural Ingredients, Uncompromised Quality!

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Whether you’re flipping pancakes at breakfast, packing muffins for lunch, or baking cookies for movie night, WTF’s got ya covered. 

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